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M.I.Artist Blending Sponge

M.I.Artist Blending Sponge

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The Artist Blending Sponge endowed with flexibility & here to help you excel in achieving a flawless blend, erasing harsh lines, and elegantly uniting every element of your Makeup in seamless harmony.

How to Use:

  • Completely wet the Blending Sponge for each use.
  • Squeeze out excess liquid thoroughly several times until the sponge is moist with no water dripping.
  • Ideal for blending liquid products by using a tapping motion or applying powder products by gently sweeping.

How to Clean:

  • Apply antibacterial soap and lather up using warm water.
  • Squeeze repeatedly until the sponge is clean of all products and soap.
  • Let the sponge air dry for reuse.
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